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sales management & sales training

Your salesforce is your key ingredient for sales success and your critical differentiation factor.

The ability of your salespeople to deliver value to customers more effectively than competition is of critical importance for your sales success.

The best salespeople not only adapt quickly to external changes in the marketplace, they understand customer strategies and challenges and seek constant performance improvements. Empirical evidence indicates that optimists sell about 37% more than pessimists.

We help you to increase your salesforce effectiveness and achieve higher outcomes of sales performance.


We help you to identify the training needs for your salesforce and deliver customized training solutions to enable your salesforce to work smarter during a customer-salesforce interaction, develop successful sales strategies, and manage sales processes.

Trainings and Workshops for Sales Leaders

Our trainings and workshops offer sales leaders a means for achieving objectives required for sales success

Performance Management

Sales Excellence

Salesforce & Channel Management

strategic sales management

Sales Effectiveness

Sales Organization Design

Trainings and Workshops for Salesforce

Develop a learning sales organization

The skills and learning capabilities of your salesforce is a major source of competitive advantage

selling process

Identify the gaps and improve each step of a personal sales process

customer value

Improve the ability to develop, convey and deliver value to customers

Market sensing

Improvement of market sensing and analytical skills

sales strategies

Improvement of strategy development skills

relationship management

Building deeper understanding and relationships with individual customers and key accounts

Growth related & meta skills

Improvement of problem-solving, goal setting, and knowledge development skills

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